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Chapter 1:
Why You Need To Explore Your Past
Defining Genealogy
Chapter 2:
Genealogy And The Search For Answers
Genealogy And History
Chapter 3:
Modern Methods Of Researching Your Past
The Advent Of Change
Research Effort Methods
Chapter 4:
Where You Need To Start Your Journey
The Benefit Of Stories
Creating A Family Tree
The Importance Of Pictures
Chapter 5:
The Records Search Begins Now
How Records Came To Be
The Records Search Begins
Land Searches
School Records
Other Records To Search
Chapter 6:
How Did They Get Here Anyway?
How To Begin Your Search
How Did They Get Here?
Then Where Did They Go?
Chapter 7:
Genealogical Information And Tools To Use
Types Of Genealogical Information
Chapter 8:
Getting Help
Hiring A Professional
Family Tree Software